A Quicky From TED.

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Here’s an interesting speech from Don Norman about how design and happiness are related.



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Last Assignment.

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My very last assignment from James Walters was to try and replicate the style of a photographer. Here are the two shots that I turned in.

The photographer who’s style I chose to replicate was Andrzej Dragan. I thought it would be fun to step outside and try something different. As you can see, his style is clearly that.

So after I chose the style, the first thing I did to tackle the assignment was to find a model that would fit the part. Dragan clearly has carefully selected his models to match his style; so this was crucial.

Next, I need to figure out props, background, and wardrobe; anything that was going to be on set. Adam Sikora, the model, is very skinny so I wanted to show this off as it helped play the role of the character. Dragan seems to minimalize props, so I thought I would simply pose Adam so that I would not even need props. By this point I knew I was going to convert to Black and White, so I decided to use an old wooden (very splintery) surface as a table and a background with texture and detail; as you can see in the setup shot.


to get the effect, all that was done was (this is not in order):
-Distort/perspective adjustments on the head.
-dodging highlights
-burning shadows
-a curve adjustment on the eyes
-some minor tweaks in local contrast.
– and obviously a Black and White conversion.

Let me know what you think!

to be deleted

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Another shot from the previous shoot.

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Chase Jarvis? no, Austin Joffe, with a side kick of the Joffe Method

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Thats right ….. It’s Austin Joffe with of course the Joffe Method (v1.0).

Today was the day in which the entire class went to a theater and met up with a group of models. While talking with one I found out that he was also into the art of Capoeira. For those who are not familiar with this, it is a Brazilian form of martial arts. In my opinion, the most bad ass. It’s got culture to it. It is almost like break dancing and fighting at the same time. Check out some vids on youtube if your still confused. Kind of rare, the only way I know of it is because back in the day my best friend was into it.

Anyway, so this is the model I decided to shoot; Instead of the hot chick with the sexy death trap pose.


The Other

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These are the final images for the Coleman Campaign assignment.coleman_shot1