Breakfast Anyone?

So, for Chuck’s Photo Illustration class, We were given the assignment to shoot a breakfast shot. We were instructed research advertising styles and lighting techniques emphasizing on detail, time of day, and the use of props to draw attention to the main subject.

While researching the art of food photography, I noticed that most pictures included the following:

– a blown out background
– rear 45 degree lighting for detail
– the use of OJ
– the use of breakfast condiments such as butter and syrup
– shallow DOF (depth of field)

Some other strategies I used to attack this assignment was to set up my main subject, the bacon and eggs, then fill in with other fruits, vegetables or garnishes to enhance aesthetics. I also wanted to try and use most of the food pyramid to enhance to viewers craving and giving it a healthy appeal. I wanted the main subject to cover at least the full bottom half of the frame. Also, I used OJ because milk would be too light, and coffee would be too dark; a contrast issue. OJ is light, but not white. Another thing I did was use two eggs, but only one yoke. I did this for color, and so that it would appear to be more fresh for the duration of the shoot.

Lighting was the easiest part. I used rear 45 degree lighting to simulate direct light from a window. I then used a reflector on the reverse side (bottom right of the plate).

Other than a quick crop, the shot above is right out of the camera, no retouching.

Lens: 24-105L
f/Stop: f/4
Shutter: 1/200
ISO: 100
Focal length: 47mm

Any comments or critiques are welcome!


~ by joffephoto on August 27, 2008.

3 Responses to “Breakfast Anyone?”

  1. I love this shot. Very clean looking and extremely appetizing.

  2. This is awesome man, good lighting and composition.

  3. I really think you nailed this shot! I think this shot shows how talented you are and it looks like a culinary artist did this WELL DONE!

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