Who? What?!

So, I was doing some research on some automobile ads and I came across a BMW commercial that had a creative “green” approach to promoting their product. The creative approach was brought on by the insperational inventor/architect Theo Jansen.

Jansen idea is to create a new form of life. Biologically? NO! illegally? NO! He has SOMEHOW managed to create a new form of life out of plastic pipe, or as he calls it in Holland, electricity tube.

So, if you have not checked out his site from the link above yet, just hold on.

My first impression was, wow! a genius! My second impression was, how in the hell does someone come up with something like this? It’s like trying to think of a new color. that flies. with a canon Mark lll on his back. ok, not really, actually, nothing really. It’s not like that at all. what was that? Anyway, It’s more like simply having a thought, a vision, and then most important, a goal.

As you will see in just a second, he has not only managed to “recreate the wheel” but, actually has managed to create something. This is where the arcitect in him comes in. That said, these animals have been, well, born out of not only plastec pipe, but wood (like, palets), and even steel. For the pipeing, he purposly let it sun bath to give it a more “bone like” look.

What is the point of them? Jansen eventually wants to release these creatures onto the beach and let them both survive and evolve. Thats right, evolve. plastec tubeing will evolve with their BRAINS! check it out…

So now that you have seen him and his creation, what do you think? Do you think these will survive on their own? and evolve? Think about it.


~ by joffephoto on September 4, 2008.

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