HOW TO: Commercial Photo Shoot by Chase Jarvis

Chase Jarvis is a photographer that I have been following with for a couple years now. He has a very active blog and a recent post was a quick, and might I add cool, how to on how to do a commercial photo-shoot.

Chase Jarvis is HUGE in giving back to the community and this is one of many ways he does so. He was so in to it, that he was a speaker at a photo shelter event and brought up this discussion. He mentioned what he was getting paid to speak at the event, then asked the audience what they would do if they had that money, and he gave the money to the person who had the best idea.

Another way he gives back to the community are his how to videos. He does these fairly often. All types; photo shoots, roundups, and other events. He’s got a GREAT crew to put these together. Below is the how-to on one of his commercial photo shoots. Check it out along with his many other.


~ by joffephoto on September 15, 2008.

2 Responses to “HOW TO: Commercial Photo Shoot by Chase Jarvis”

  1. This is great, I like the results of the ending shot but do you see what I see….. something that none of us at RCC use BUT SHOULD, when we go on location SANDBAGS!!!

  2. Great video i like the lighting technique he had we should try that.

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