What does YOUR power bill look like?

Imagine this: You live in the middle of no where, and by the middle of no where I don’t mean in the country, I mean….. in…the….middle….of…no.. where. So imagine you live in the middle of no where. In a vast dry desert with nothing but a wooden shack.

So, don’t think about cars, because they don’t exist here, don’t think about electricity, because it also does not exist. What do you do? You do what 19 year old William Kamkwamba did; build a windmill.Thats right, He built a windmill out of wood, and spare parts. He got the plans from a book about energy, changed it up a bit after testing, and built a windmill out of close to nothing. The mill powers 4 lights, and two radios.

Check it out:

So why do I like this? Because it’s freaking awesome! Not only do I support a green planet, but I like this because this is a person who not only had nothing to work with, but he actually tried; which is a change. What have you done? So yeah, he was determined to try something that was completely crazy (in his part of town) and actually did it! Even further, he’s not stopping there. He plans to keep going with it, and build another one to power a small town.


~ by joffephoto on October 1, 2008.

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