My style and I.

During these past 8 weeks I have really thought about my style, and what kind of photographer I wanted to be. I have shot everything from food, to lifestyles, to more illustrative things like a book cover for “Us and Them.” So I have definitely had time to really think about what I want my nitch to be.

I thought about food because I really love food; cooking it, eating it, smelling it, and now lighting it. I like how it should be precisely lit to show detail in everything on the plate, then the background props, even though out of focus, sometimes, are fun to play with. While on break last week at work I found myself looking through some ads and came across a Macaroni Grill ad that had some awesome shots. Too bad their food does not taste as good as the photographer/stylist made it look. But that’s the awesome thing about it. and that’s what is cool to me.

But, then I thought about it a bit more and came to the realization that that’s still basically studio work. And went back to telling myself that product studio work is too quite, not active, and is 99% of the time, indoors; and, that’s not the road I want to take with my career.

So, what kind of work best reflects who I am and what do I want to do. Well, I love to be outdoors, and I want to work with people. So what do I like to do? THINGS, hike, bike, camp, kayak, travel, etc. And what do people do? THINGS. Hobbies, sports, activities, everything. These are the things I enjoy doing. So here it is. This is what I want to do. And I am going to nail it because it is me, and who I am. I know what it’s like to bike 5+ miles off road up hill with no water to use as an excuse to stop pedaling for a minute. So this is what I want to show people; the extremeness, the peacefulness, or the passion in outdoor activities and the side of things that is sometimes overseen, like sweating; because, again, it’s what I like to do.

So why do this when I enjoy food also?

Well, the screws and bolts are simply not there for me in food. I feel like shooting food until I am 65 will get boring while doing what I truly enjoy doing will be a new experience and challenge, daily.


~ by joffephoto on October 14, 2008.

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