Gina: Most flexible girl Ive ever seen.

With the tension rising in the presidential elections between McCain and Obama, we have many thoughts as to whats going to happen if _________ becomes president. I think by now it is safe to say that Obama has the lead and will most likely become  president of the United States of America. People are crazy about his idea to change.

Obama though is not the only one with this philosophy that change is important. BMW has a bad ass way of change sparking in the automotive industry. It’s in their blood to stay on top of new ideas by which are most attractive to the world by means of design, power, technology, etc.

BMW has started a project car called GINA which is the idea to “be flexible, act flexible,” and to do it in a very humanistic way. Project GINA focuses on a new type of body which is not really a body, but rather a skin.

We have all heard about the nano organisms they say they are going to use in automobiles’ body to be able to heal itself; repair a scratch, or dented panel on it’s own. I think this is a bit down the road (if at all possible to manufacture). So I came across this cool video on GINA that better describes the skin, check this shit out!

Pretty cool huh!? Never until now have I seen a car literally wink.

Of course the chance of this passing its concept stage and being manufactured to me, is not so great. If you took a hammer to it, it won’t dent, scrath, or harm it, it will only strech it inward, and reform its shape. But, if you were to be Tboned in the middle of an intersection this could do much more damaged had there been a traditional body on it. The car colliding into you would be prone to more frame damage, which would be sooner claimed to be a totaled vehicle. And what about weather? What do I know though. Either way. It’s cool, and different.


~ by joffephoto on November 3, 2008.

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