WORLD: auto bailout

Another post with no photographic value…

Well, we have all heard about the American auto bailout that the american auto industry is hoping for. As we all know by now, the guys from each maker flew to Washington to put in their request for money to be dug out of their rut.

This post is not so much about them receiving the money, but more about them FLYING in their “private” jet. For all the people out there that think this was stupid on their part, I just wanted to mention a few things for you to think about.

1. It is not really a private jet. It is a corporate jet. They flew in for business, not leisure. Which is why the aircraft was purchased.
2. You guys must realize that these are the presidents of HUGE companies that are on the verge of going down. These guys are very busy people who’s time is valuable. They need to get in do their thing and get back. Which brings me to:
3. They cannot drive because of time and why fly commercially when they have their own jet, for that very reason. AND they would probably arrived in Washington before they would have even passed security flying on a commercial airline.

Just my thoughts… What are yours?


~ by joffephoto on December 3, 2008.

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