Fruit Cake? no.. Cheese Cake

I was given the assignment for my advertising class to photograph a desert. For those of you who have never photographed food before, It’s kind of a pain in the ass.

I tried to make it as dynamic as possibly while still keeping it a still product shot showing time of day, and craving. eh? kinda.

I bought the food at a local grocery store. I know you are thinking “that’s your first problem” well I know; but, my plan was buy it frozen so it would stay the same while shooting; problem two. joffe_dessert

So I bought the cheese cake witch came two per container for under $3. I got some strawberry glaze, under $2. Raspberries, which were the most expensive for $3, and lastly mint, for another $3. After tax, I came out just under $12. This was another goal; to budget and use as little money as possible and still get the results as if I had gone to a true bakery and paid their prices.

I then set up my camera and started to style my food so I could plan for composition.

This was the most challenging part. I used a knife to lightly paint the glaze onto the cake, one stroke at a time until the tops on the cakes were covered. I was not concerned about getting it even; I just slowly applied it making sure it did not spill over the edges.

To get the design on the plate, I just used the same glaze as was on the cakes. Because I did not have bakery tool things, I used a knife; dipping the blade in the glaze, and tapping it on the plate.

I then put the cakes onto their plates.

Then used a toothpick to pick up a raspberry. I again applied the glaze to the raspberry as if I was painting it on. This was kind of frustrating because each stroke sent the toothpick more and more through the raspberry, I will label this as problem 3 because I could of use a Q-tip, maybe? It wasn’t really a problem, though, so I kept going.

I used the knife to apply a bit more glaze the the cake in the area I was planning to put the raspberry so the it would set into place, then used the toothpick to place it.

Then I picked out the best looking mint leaves (looking at relative size, and freshness) and placed them with the leave in my left hand, and a tooth pick in my right to help set it into place. another process that was done while trying to be so careful and so precise that I was shaking as I got closer to the cakes.

Food photography can be fun, but also takes a special kind of person to do it well. You have to really enjoy food. You almost need to master culinary arts so that you know about the components of food, texture, consistancy, etc. Knowing the tricks is also crucial, “what can I use to immitate grease, or meat, or ice cream” etc. and “how do I get it to stay.” Things like that. But I enjoy shooting food.


~ by joffephoto on January 13, 2009.

5 Responses to “Fruit Cake? no.. Cheese Cake”

  1. Good job man. I like the clean, modern look you got.

  2. FRIGGIN’ AMAZING! I love it, beautiful saturation. Once again you amaze me with culinary skills 😀

  3. Very crisp and neat. I really like this image.

  4. nice job! makes me want cheese cake!! nice lighting and comp.

  5. i like it. the back one leads into the front….but its not brownies..

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