Last Assignment.

My very last assignment from James Walters was to try and replicate the style of a photographer. Here are the two shots that I turned in.

The photographer who’s style I chose to replicate was Andrzej Dragan. I thought it would be fun to step outside and try something different. As you can see, his style is clearly that.

So after I chose the style, the first thing I did to tackle the assignment was to find a model that would fit the part. Dragan clearly has carefully selected his models to match his style; so this was crucial.

Next, I need to figure out props, background, and wardrobe; anything that was going to be on set. Adam Sikora, the model, is very skinny so I wanted to show this off as it helped play the role of the character. Dragan seems to minimalize props, so I thought I would simply pose Adam so that I would not even need props. By this point I knew I was going to convert to Black and White, so I decided to use an old wooden (very splintery) surface as a table and a background with texture and detail; as you can see in the setup shot.


to get the effect, all that was done was (this is not in order):
-Distort/perspective adjustments on the head.
-dodging highlights
-burning shadows
-a curve adjustment on the eyes
-some minor tweaks in local contrast.
– and obviously a Black and White conversion.

Let me know what you think!


~ by joffephoto on March 5, 2009.

2 Responses to “Last Assignment.”

  1. This is so awesome, Joffe. Especially the second one. The light is amazing. Great choices and execution in the post processing!

  2. Hey, great shot. I really like the distortion to the head, which is very refined and hardly noticeable.

    Good work!

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